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High Desert Energy and Environment Law Partners advocate for clients on matters involving energy, natural resources, and the environment across the southwestern United States and internationally. Our team of attorneys brings a wealth of experience in private, nonprofit, and government practice to develop strategies and resolve disputes at the intersection of energy and environment.


We work on energy and environmental law issues such as climate change, greenhouse gas regulation, air pollution, ground and surface water quality, land use, remediation strategies, the siting and regulatory approval of solar, wind, biomass, geothermal, and other alternative energy solutions, utility regulation, renewable energy credits and portfolio standards, and rate recovery for pollution control projects. We also provide a nexus for communities, local governments, industry, and researchers to develop projects in renewable energy, clean water technology, and sustainable development, as well as strategies for adaptive climate change and green job creation. We have worked extensively and with great success in federal and state courts and before state administrative agencies on regulatory action involving permits, enforcement, and rule making.


Our clients and project partners include community groups, nonprofit organizations, colleges and universities, government agencies, tribes, individuals, and corporations


We start by understanding your unique perspectives and interests. We combine this understanding with a commitment to high quality legal representation, an appreciation of community and government relations, and a relationship with a wide range of technical experts to develop and execute comprehensive and integrated strategies that achieve your objectives.